Deck the Porch | Source Your Garden for Winter Patio & Porch Decor

When the first frost hits and there’s a sustained chill in the air, those festive fall ornamentals you planted will sing their swan songs and fizzle. Even relatively cold-hardy pansies, ...
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Spectacular Shrubs for Fall: Bloom in Spring, Color in Fall

fothergilla It would seem most gardeners plant with spring and summer blooms in mind, overlooking fall colors, particularly when it comes to shrubs. Don’t let bloom time steal all the ...
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Bringing Your Flower Arrangements to Life

One of the most common floral mistakes: You hold an entire bunch of flowers in your hand, you trim the stems, you drop them in a vase. Lo and behold, ...
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Groove in Your Garden | Porch Swings Add Style and Comfort to Your Outdoor Space

The main things to consider are materials, construction and style. Style is the easy part—swings can be contemporary masterpieces with cool metals and sleek lines, incredibly rustic and natural using ...
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Green Walls | Grow Your Own Privacy Screen

Our porches, patios and lawns are natural extensions of our home. And just as homes have areas that are public and private, so too do our yards. Sometimes, you welcome ...
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Lawn Care Pros: Ask The Right Questions When Hiring A Lawn Care Company

The arrival of warmer weather means sun, short sleeves—and that familiar hum of the lawn mower. But if you’d rather turn the lawn care duties over to someone else this ...
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Mailbox Gardens-1

Mailbox Gardens: Create a Special Place for Special Deliveries

Everyone loves to receive a personal greeting in the mail. There’s something exciting about opening up the mailbox and spotting a hand-addressed envelope from a relative or an old friend ...
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Historic Garden Week Tour 2016: The Garden Gates of Flordon

Each spring, visitors are welcomed to over 250 of Virginia’s most beautiful gardens, homes and historic landmarks during The Garden Club of Virginia’s Historic Garden Week. This 8-day statewide event ...
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