Radiant Floor Heating | The End of the Search for Toasty Toes

STONE AGE MAN’S FLOORING WAS DIRT. His toes touched cold in the morning; his body shivered at night. His descendants heated dirt flooring with fire. Archeological digs in Asia and the ...
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Let’s Get Cozy: Your Guide to Refreshed Bedding

As much as I adore the warmth and bliss of summer, the crisp air of fall has always held a certain magic for me. It makes the world seem fresh ...
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Roof Care | Protect the Roof that Protects You

Every homeowner dreads discovering that the roof overhead needs major repair or replacement. Roof work is a significant expense, and one for which only the most foresighted earmark savings. So ...
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Grill Central: Set Up The Envy Of All Grill Stations

My childhood summers are defined by memories of an old charcoal grill, my ever-smiling father and a rainstorm that inevitably released its first drops as we stepped outside. My ...
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Rain Gardens: Natural Feature Makes The Most Of Soggy Areas

April showers bring May flowers—and sometimes, they bring mud and other soggy problems to your landscape. If your garden has drainage issues, or if you’re just looking to add a ...
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Good Moves: Shape-up, Destress at Home

This is the time of year when many of us make resolutions, oftentimes about our homes (declutter!), our health (lose a few pounds!) and our habits (eat less sugar!). Here, ...
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Go With The Flow: Clean and Repair your Gutter System

With the winter season upon us, our to-do lists turn into everything-about-the-holidays lists: shopping, decorating, meal planning, scheduling family trips. Unfortunately, home maintenance slumps further down the list, and some ...
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Raise Your Glass!: Spruce up your Drinkware Wardrobe

Take a quick peek inside your drinkware cabinet. What do you see? Orderly rows of chic glasses organized by type? Or an assortment of plastic stadium cups sporting logos that ...
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