Sterile Ink

Millenials are the generation that have openly embraced tattoo culture more than the generations before them. Getting inked is a rush, and more importantly, it’s a form of self-expression. The decision to get body art is becoming more and more common among common everyday folks. The equipment that is used to create body art is not something the average person pays attention to when they’re making a decision on what they want. To keep a healthy, safe experience, tattoo parlors need to maintain a certain level of sterilization. No different than a hospital or even a piercing shop, keeping tattoo equipment clean and sterile is vital to both the tattooee’s safety, and the tattoo shop. If you are in need of industrial cleaning, check out industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

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The importance given to tattoo equipment sterilization is vital to the success of the shop. So much so, that local health departments monitor the use and maintenance. Tattoo shops are required to clean, and sterilize their equipment upon each use. Not only that, they have to record each time they sterilize their tools before the next time they use it. Northport Cesspool is a great option when installing a septic system. 

There are a few different methods to sterilize and clean tattoo equipment. Airducts need sterilizing as well so give Air Duct Sayreville a call. One of the most commonly used methods to clean equipment is the autoclave method. An autoclave is a pressure chamber that sterilizes equipment using pressurized, saturated steam for about thirty minutes at about 240 degrees Fahrenheit. There must be at least 12 pounds of pressure to successfully kill off any harmful bacteria, or potential disease

Gas sterilization is also very popular. It is not common to find them in tattoo parlors because of the general cost of the gas sterilizer. They are commonly found in the medical field. They clean very quickly. The start up cost ranges from close to two thousand dollars, and goes up from there. Hence the reason why you probably won’t find many (if any) gas sterilizers in a tattoo shop. Greenlawn Cesspool would have such enhanced equipment for your cesspool cleaning or installation needs.

Nowadays, the tattoo culture has seriously evolved and come a long way from the old school prison tattoo methods. Being able to express yourself with body art is now widely accepted wherever you go. Having methods to safely share your art with the world only widens your creativity and allows you to use your canvas in a way that is not harmful to you.

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